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I'm back! I'm back!

Did anyone notice I was gone? *cheeses*

So. Like I said. I was away for two weeks at the trailer. Lotsa fun was had even though it was all very exhausting everyday. Like seriously. I don't know how Jacob, Abby, and Sarah can go go go all day whether it be playing, swimming, fighting or all three, but seriously. By the end of the day me and Charlotte would just drop.

But that's not important. We had a lot of fun. I got to go out to the Hyuck's Point Rd. where Charlotte grew up in Wellington, On. and see her house and we went to a place called The Point. That was fun. The first time we went the waves were so huge and they kept crashing in. We tried to swim in them and I managed to wash my hair but if you can imagine that it was throwing all 300+ pounds of me around, then you've gotta figure that it wasn't really swimming. It was sitting on the rocks and letting the waves throw you around. That was in the first week. We also went this weekend and the water was much calmer and we trekked down past the rocky shore stuff to the sandy area so we could swim.

Nunzio also took me and the kids to the island on the boat last weekend. Which is always fun. I had to go poop in the lake. It was quite amusing and probably TMI. But when you live in such small quarters for two weeks with your family - you get past the TMI stuff. Like how I didn't wear underwear today because I had no clean underwear. *nods*

What else did we do? *ponders* Well. This passed weekend was a long weekend. So there was like a million campers. The bathrooms were disgusting and the drunks were plentiful.

I don't know one person that wasn't trashed this Sat. night. And it was extra special too because we celebrated Nunzio's 40th this weekend. I know I was definately done because I drank a mickey of vodka mixed with orange juice.

And all of the fabulous people that I love were up at the trailer. But the most fabulous were our neighbors right beside us. Well neighbor. Just Lanny. But his sister Shelly was up and god I love them. They're so nice. And some other friends Claire and Roger had this big turkey and ham roast so that was fun. That was on Saturday night.

But today - oh I severely dislike this one person up there, Lucy. Lanny was helping one of the guys, Roger, fix some wiring in someone's shed and Roger had wandered back to his trailer to get a beer then some people he hadn't seen in a long time came by and he got talking. So Shelly comes over and she's like, Roger! Quick! The shed's on fire! So Roger grabs the fire exstinguisher and runs over, he was pretty drunk. But it turns out Lanny didn't know he had had so much to drink and figured that he would know that he was pulling Roger's leg to get him to come back and help him and I don't think Shelly knew that the shed wasn't on fire, so then Lucy turns around to Shelly and tells her she's a fucking cunt.

Shelly was so upset and she's such a doll and is just so nice. It's good thing I had left just a bit before she said that otherwise I'dve ripped her a new asshole. A few years ago Charlotte went up to surprise Nunzio one weekend and Charlotte went to a campfire and was talking to this guy that was there and Lucy spread this big lie that Charlotte went and messed around on Nunzio with him. I just don't like her very much at all.

But all that aside. I pretty much hung out with Shelly and Lanny all weekend. Because the kids would be off playing, Charlotte wasn't feeling well, and Nunz would be doing something. So I'd go over and sit with Lanny and Shelly and hang out with them. I know Shelly's 49 and Lanny's her older brother. How much older, I dunno, but I'd put him in his mid to late 50s. But all the people that I call my friends are older than me anyways. Well most of them but who cares. As long as they're good people.

Oh! We went to a birthday party! There was a birthday party in Charlotte's extended family. It was her sister-in-law's father's 75th. And holy crap. So much fun. There's four kids in the family and they all are so musicaly talented. The sister-in-law, Chris, she sings beautifully. Her brothers, Tom, whom I also consider my friend and was introduced to me by Charlotte, plays the piano and guitar like whoa, her brother Dan is a crazy talented drummer (he did Wipeout by the Beach Boys and it was absolutely amazing) and their youngest brother Ricky plays the bass and the electric fiddle and holyfrigginshit it gives you chills. Ricky was the North American fiddling champion three years in a row. He will give you chills. And according to everyone the stuff that he played that night for his father was just him dinking around. They were so good and it was such a fabulous party. And Charlotte's mom came and her sister Debbie and her husband and her other sister, Heather and her husband, Clare, who rocks. When he's around me and Charlotte have someone to eat with. He came through the door and got right in line for food. He's great.

I spent SO much time at the pool. It was basically kid-sitting them all and watching the kids at the pool, but I mean it's not like it was hard work for me to lay on the lawnchairs and turn into a bronze goddess (yes I'm a goddess - shush) and swim.

lol Actually it'd be like... Man. I need a shower. Who wants to go to the pool?!

Pretty much everyday we'd wake up and the kids would want to go to the pool or something so we'd just go to the pool all day and I can't tell you how many times I would just pass out in my bathing suit and a pair of capris or something.

But sleeping in my bed will be so nice tonight. After sleeping for two weeks on these puny little mattresses and having Sarah crawling all over you or fighting with lord knows what in her sleep, it will be nice to just sprawl in my bed.

And having a shower where I don't have to pay a dollar for three minutes and have to wear my sandles so I don't stand in other people's pubes will be nice as well.

So. Let's see. We went to the island, the point (twice), partied with the Cormiers, partied all weekend this weekend.

I sprained my ankle. I may or may not have been drunk and may or may not have been drinking coolers all day when I tripped off the deck but I don't think anyone knew I was as drunk as I was so I'll keep that hush hush. But I did frig up my knee somehow and I wasn't drunk then. So I don't know what I did to it.

Oooh. We went to this really awesome italian eatery called Tomasso's and I tried calamari (deep fried squid). It was actually really good. Charlotte treated me to that dinner. And we went to a restaurant called Ponderossa's that was super good too. And I hope I've lost a bit of weight running around at the trailer. I eat way less up there. But that's the least of it all.

Long and short though - I'm super glad I took this summer off. I've gotten a different (and better) perspective on a lot of things this summer that I personally think has changed me for the better. Like the fact that I had to really let go of money issues this summer and just go for broke. And I got over going over and hanging out with people I like without Charlotte. Because I always felt that I couldn't go over if Charlotte wasn't with me because she introduced me. Then I'd think to myself - well they wouldn't say come on over anytime if they didn't mean it. So I'd walk down and be like HEY! and pull up a chair and have a smoke. Yes. I've been smoking pretty much the whole summer. I don't even want to know what I'll hear from just people I know in Oshawa. But I dunno. Oh well.

It's been a good summer for me and years to come I'll be like, Oh yeah. That summer before college. That was such a good one.

I'm sure there's a bunch of things that I've forgotten but the main point is - my summer has been absolutely fantastic, I'm so glad I took it off, and I had to come back to real life for a bit, do some things and then I'll just go back up again. *cheeses*
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