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I just saw a trailer for PotC - Dead Man's Chest on TV.

elizabeth: *greeting* Captain Jack Sparrow.
jacksparrow: Elizabeth?!
jacksparrow: *to someone behind him* Hide the rum.
julie: *has died and is ded because johnny depp is so freaking sexy*

Like I'm so seriously excited for the movie. Annnnyways. This is a boring update.

But I do like when MuchMoreMusic does their Listed shows and they pick the top twenty of something and why it's on the list. So tonight it's the top 20 songs in music that parents hate and they have music critics and personailities talk about it and why it did what it did. Interesting stuff.

Yes yes. I'm a serious music geek. I want to be like the Siskel and Egbert of the music world when I grow up. I could talk about music all day and it's role in society etc or other nerdy sociology things.
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