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I was watching American Idol and after it House came on. I decided to watch it to see what Moth fussed over.

I think I have a new must-see show if I'm home and it's on. I thought it was really good and I laughed the whole way through. And...houseiskindofagoodcharacter...

I don't know why Moth fusses over House though. The younger Australian sounding guy is waaaaay hotter and the accent it makes it all like... whoah.

Oh yeah. And in this ep. this man's wife was dying and he was all, "House! I are teh mad at this! You want her heart for this girl's dad!?"

And House was all, "Dude. If anything. Be mad at me and not her. Take it out on me."

So enstranged husband was like, "Okie Dokie."

And he kneed House in the Daddy Making Factory and I was like, Estranged Husband? House doesn't have anything to hurt there. He's got a little fried up weenie. That probably tickled him.

And then House was all doubled over like, Owie. Hurtie. But I knew he was such a faker.

So the conclusion to all this is. House is a big cry baby faker. But the show is really really v. good.

On another note. Do you guys even know how much blue I'm wearing today? Holy crap. It's Blue Day at work. I wish I had blue socks and underwear to put on. And a blue bra. I'd rawk.

Oh. And I used my Not The Brightest Crayon In The Box... av because I feel it suits House very perfectly. Even if the show is good.
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