Julie (spritzy) wrote,

+The Chair+

I've told mostly everyone, but I felt this should be documented in elljay land.

I fell off my chair at my first college exam. Oh yes. Something to remember it by.

I was leaning back to give my friend a high five and it started to slowly break. I yelled, "I'm FALLING!" three times at least. Then I fell. Off the back of the chair, onto the floor, where I hit my head and Amanda got my hair stuck under the table.

Everyone came over to see if I was okay. They even gave me a new chair. Cool beans, eh?

Then I started to laugh. Because really, when you break your chair and fall on the floor in front of 100 or so people, what else is there to do?

So I stood up, took a bow, got a standing ovation, and all was good.

All the CYWs laughed and everyone else was like, Shut up. Is she hurt? And they're sitting there going, Yee-ah. It's Julie. This is freaking hilarious.

Then there was all sorts of pressure to break something else! I can't deal with that kind of pressure!

lol And when we wrote our second exam I have never had so many people fight to sit near me in hopes I'd do something again. lol I didn't, but ya know.

Annnyways. I have another (and my last) exam on Friday. Then a Christmas Party on Saturday. Woohoo. I lurve it.

I got my Secret Santa gift. Ehe. Too cool. I had a really awesome idea, but then I found the gift in my room and thought it was a better idea.
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