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*dies and is ded*


So my professor's seem nice, which is nice.

I got a free tshirt. On the front it says Durham College Orientation 06 and on the back it's got a picture of two kids holding hands with a heart in the middle (it's hard to describe) and the name of the department (for lack of a better word) that I'm in. I think it's Human Services or wait - I just awkwardly checked. It's School of Health and Community Services. Anyways. I'm down with free tshirts.

TWO HOURS to get my student I.D. card. And I still need to figure out when I can get my books and Bobbi-Jo just called and after my classes on Thursday I need to book it to Eastview for training and then I have to do WHIMIS again (insert eyeroll here) except I'll have to take it home to do. It's so stupid. It's like, chemicals bad... don't drink or touch... it's common sense really. I'll probably have to do first aid again this year too.

Today was just icebreakers and stuff. We had to make nametags and introduce ourselves, do another game where we went to different corners and arrange ourselves in order by birthdate except we couldn't talk to each other.

July somehow came before May but, eh. We cheated anyways and wrote our birthdays down on slips of paper.

AND - I saw a girl I went to elementary and highschool with and she's taking Computer Animation in the University and I'm pretty sure I saw Panter's little brother.

It was nice to see my friend from elementary/highschool. Her name is Ginny and she's like the nicest person and so very talented. She used to be quite heavy, probably around my weight and she's lost like half of herself. She looks fabulous.

So it's big, scary, all the hallways look exactly the same and one of my classrooms is under renovation. I believe it's my first class tomorrow that has it's room under renovation.

Mostly I was just so proud to be standing there as a student. That was the coolest. To have my student I.D., to finally be at college and I dunno. It'll take a bit of time to get my bearings and I'm trying very hard not to think of all the work.

But a muy cool point. Everyone starting the Child and Youth Worker program are the first to do it. I know I've mentioned it before, but one of the professors called us Pioneers. I was like, rawk! I want that on a tshirt. *so didn't almost type cheeseshirt*
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