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So I was just being a pop culture whore and listening to all that corny top chart stuff annnnnd.... I just found a million new great songs by cheesy pop stars and stuff that I really want to burn to a cd right now and I wish we had a cd burner so I could listen to these songs over and over till I puke and draw cheesy stuff.


So I've finally named the other voice in my head that wishes I would just unleash her on the public world but I normally keeped her hidden in doodles and thoughts or fantasies about how she'd react to different things. Actually... come to think of it. I think she manages my finances for me.

And I've thought about it for a bit and I've decided that I've always known that the voice was Love. She was this horrible brainchild of an incrediably epic and ongoing for litterally years fanfiction of the Backstreet Boys that me and my best friend Ashley created. We were those screamy girls that freaked over boybands when I was from about 10 till 14. The ones that you want to hit over the head because they're being so stupid about hot celebrities and their wonderful love songs blah blah my favourite is Kevin! I'll marry him one day Le sigh! Yes. *shames* I was a horrible MS girl who created worse MS stories with her equally annoying best friend about these two wonderful perfect best friends who make it big and get to tour with the backstreet boys and fall and love and have so much typical drama yet still end up with a fairytale romance and manage to become like the hottest chick in showbiz and that makes you the equivalent of like the skankiest version of britney spears and everyone still loves them because they're so nice, talented, genuine and sweet blah blah blah puke puke. Mine was named Love. She's had various last names. My friend Ashley's was Joey (Short for Josephine).

So that in short is who the voice in my head is. This twisted brainchild of me. Thankfully though - over the years as I realized that I was an MS and that what I wrote was really bad and I should stick to drawing - Love has lost those MS qualities and become what I think is an interesting character. I have a lot of time to just sit and think during the day. Not that I don't do anything - but I spend so much time like standing around on the buses that I still think in 'Love' mode. It's weird. That whole last sentence was weird. Anyways. Now. She's just a typical 21 year old who loves art and dresses sort of weird. And she loves shiny music like the Backstreet Boys. She doesn't really like to speak of her sordid past where she had a stint in a mental instution with delusions that she was a popstar in love with a Backstreet Boy. It was a painful stage of her life.
100% of the time when I'm doodling it's Love telling me what to do. I'll be watching a music video and every now and then if she's feeling particularly nice she'll bash me on the head and good, Look at the Pussycat Dolls! They're so gorgeous and even though I'd never dress slutty like that - they're really pretty and are a singing catchy songs. I'm hooked. And then she'll pause... then she'll dream up some skankeriffic punk princess outfit for them to wear and then make me draw it.

And that is what I draw almost every single time I doodle. The only other thing I obsessively draw is Harry Potter or HPers stuff. And let me tell you - I seem to manage to find a lot of time in my day to think about this fandom!worlds in my head. It's weird that I actually manage to get any work done and that I've accomplished so much. Maybe I'm multi talented. Maybe it's magic.

Maybe I'll stop rambling.

*tries to kill the verbal diahrreah*

*jumps inthe box of lurve with diamond*

I'm kinda tired now. Typing that out took forever.
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